The Googleplex

Google, the company that has changed how the world uses the internet, is more than just a search engine. They have morphed into the most used and prominent browser for many of us and a tool used on a regular basis to manage people's daily business, ranging from email, organizing calendars, writing documents, to advertising for businesses. To think Larry Page and Sergey Brin began their company's journey in only 1996 and officially registered the domain name in 1997.

So when two of our team members were graciously invited to visit Google's headquarters, we couldn't help but say yes.

Google Headquarters

Our staff witnessed Google continuously pushing the boundaries of what is the norm through cultivating an inclusive and visionary mindset that fosters the minds of future inventors. Over the years, we have seen this represented by Google being ranked seven times in the last 10 years as the #1 Best Place to Work by Fortune. Google strives for an open culture where everyone, including Larry and Sergey, are hands-on contributors and feel welcome in sharing ideas and opinions.

Google reaffirms their value of ingenuity as they have a policy where you can spend up to 20% of your work week doing a creative project unrelated to your actual work. Our staff were also able to witness some self-driving cars that help visually capture the world for Google Maps as well as see the device Googlers (name given to Google employees) wear on their backs to help map out parts of the worlds without roads. They go hiking around the world with a backpack setup and a huge set of cameras on top to get that perfect 360-degree view.

Google Partners visiting Mountain View HQ

Our staff were able to be virtually transported all over the world all while remaining fixed in one location. Taken along a fun filled tour throughout the complex, they discovered the Liquid Galaxy Display, a more in depth Google Maps. It was setup with a vast amount of monitors, where one is able to select specific locations to experience. A person can embark on a whole new journey around the globe instantly with one fancy joystick. Zooming in and sweeping over the expansive canopies of the world below, they viewed new scenery all within an instant of a second. They became immersed in the environment and for a moment forgot they were at Google's headquarters. The technology associated with Liquid Galaxy Display allows for privacy and security of the individuals you see on the screen as it blurs their identity, protecting themselves and the individuals seen.

The Googleplex

Google built an open think tank structure that encourages camaraderie amongst all employees, ranking from interns to executives. Google hires people who are smart and determined, and they favor ability over experience. All Google employees are referred to as Googlers, and they also refer to their new hires as "Newglers", fortifying their unique culture.

Overall, Google promotes wellness and wants their employees to feel good and strive to better themselves and the work they do. They provide free food with 64 cafes on campus, have areas for naps to recharge both mind and body, several gyms in many locations as well as workout routines traveling from different parts of the campus, to a mobile haircut truck to partake in. From their brightly colored chairs to organically shaped mounds to work in, employees are surrounded with lively features to build the best atmosphere for cultivating new ideas. Everything, including their offices to their cafes, inspires innovation and art, even their furniture and decorations, such as the large dinosaur out front. Their android icon is displayed in various sizes colors and styles throughout their headquarters, and the Google name pops up at every turn. They don't want anyone to worry about anything other than feeling good and being creative in their work.

The Googleplex

What's one thing that our staff enjoyed the most?

"Google has a wonderful employee culture. It was amazing to see such a rather large company like Google care for and provide for their employees. I really appreciated the opportunity to tour the Googleplex!"

The Googleplex

Another stated that, " I still find it funny that it started out in a garage with two people and it was originally called BackRub."

Google started with humble roots and now stands as the leading search engine company worldwide. We couldn't be more pleased to be associated with them as a business partner.